Top Memorial Day Heat Press Deals 2022: Shop with confidence

Memorial Day Heat press deals

A Memorial Day Heat Press Deals & Sales blog post is a great place to find some of the best deals on heat presses that have been updated with new arrivals. Whether you’re looking for a cheap, high-quality press or want to spend more money on an industrial-grade unit, we’ve got it all! Keep scrolling down and click through our links below to see which one suits your needs best.

Best Memorial Day Heat press Deals 2022

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Tips to consider when buying a Heat press From Memorial Day sale

Presidents Day Heat Press Deals 2022Here are some features to consider before you decide. There are huge differences between heat press machines. Below are some tips to consider before buying a heat press.

Heat distribution

Your machine must be able to maintain consistent, even temperatures across your platen. Heat presses with lower prices are not able to distribute heat well. Hotronic heat machines deliver constant heat to their plates. That is why they are preferred by those who take heat pressing very seriously.


Irons are much more effective than heat press machines because you can set and control the temperature. You must select the temperature properly to apply for heat transfers. Higher-end press machines have better accuracy and reliability. You should look for devices that have a cal rod heating component.


A heat press that can adjust the pressure centrally and has a flotational platen for heat is best. Swing-away heat presses are preferable to clamshell types because of their ability to adapt to hand stress.

Digital Time and Temperature

The bell- or manual timers are more affordable for heat presses. The dial thermostat is usually included. Although this is fine if your heat printing needs are minimal, it would be better to have a digital control panel to adjust the temperature and time for larger jobs. Digital settings are fantastic because you can enter your desired settings and reuse them repeatedly.


What is your workspace like? What size space are you able to use for a heat press? A clamshell design will work well if you have limited space. Clamshell methods require at least 2ft of countertop space.

If you have more room, swing-away models will require at least three feet. We believe they are a better choice.


Take a look at the warranty period that comes with your heat presses. Buy a heat press that offers a lifetime warranty for the heat platen.

Why do people buy heat press from the Memorial Day sale?

There are a couple of reasons, but the main one is that it’s economical.

Buying a heat press from Memorial Day deals means you’re saving money on the machines themselves and the massive investments required with starting from scratch. Second, most businesses simply can’t afford to buy a high-quality heat press when they first startup.

Those who already have or can get access to their own equipment often find that purchasing one from the sale has its perks as well – in addition to being cheaper for them, they avoid downtime without an available machine by buying one on sale instead of waiting for a new inventory in order to fulfill orders that come into their business.


We’ve seen a lot of Memorial Day deals on heat presses in the past few years, but this year we are seeing some really great offers.  If you have been looking to buy one of these machines and want to get it at an incredible deal, then now is your chance.

You won’t find better prices anywhere else on Cyber Monday or any other time before Christmas either. So don’t miss out on this opportunity – go check out all of our specials today!