Best Memorial Day Longboard Deals & Sales 2022

Memorial day Longboard deals 2022

Longboarding is about experiencing the thrill of surfing on land and then cruising for long distances. That is why longboards are designed in the same way as surfboards. Due to its large decks, larger wheels, and broader trucks, Longboarding is better for beginners.

Memorial Day offers a great deal on a longboard too. We have gathered the Memorial day Longboard deals & sales that will help you choose and pick the one you like.

Top Memorial day LONGBOARD DEALS 2022

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Presidents day Longboard deals

How to choose the Best Longboard from Memorial day deals

Make sure to consider the below tips when you are thinking of buying a new longboard.


If you plan to use your board for work, travel, and class while weaving through pedestrian traffic, choosing a longboard deck is crucial. Because it is easier to maneuver around people and on sidewalks, you might choose a small to the medium board (33-38 inches). Maple, Bamboo, and Carbon Fiber are all options for decks. 

Consider the surface on which your board will be used. It can be used on downhills that will require a drop-through board with a longer length.


The type of activities you are planning will affect the size of your longboard. Although longboards can be between 33 and 54 inches long, this allows you to choose something more in line with your performance and activities. You can divide them into medium-length, short-length, and long-length boards.


Medium-length longboards measure between 33 and 40 inches. They are ideal for freestyle and cruising on flat ground. The most popular board for teens is in this size range.


You can even go smaller if you wish. Longboards come in a range of sizes, from 28 to 32 inches. These boards are best for small-built tricks riders. For beginners, it is a good idea to stay in the higher range of 33inches. It will give you more stability.


Longboards of longer length are generally between 40-54 inches in length. These boards are perfect for long-distance travel, relaxing rides, and when you want to go downhill. These boards can be great provided that you are comfortable carrying a longer board. These boards are essential for adult or pro riders.


There is no best longboard wheel because there are many. Here’s the truth about the longboard wheel: A high rebound Polyurethane is a primary material used to make longboard wheels. These wheels usually measure 2.5 to 4.2 inches.

The acceleration speed of taller wheels is faster than that of smaller wheels, but the rolling pace is slower.

Flat surfaces will make it slower for soft wheels to be used than for harder ones. If the surface is uneven, however, softer wheels will move more quickly and smoothly. Harder wheels can have more grip on all surfaces than softer ones. Longboards that have more extended decks should be able to handle larger wheels. Smaller decks can work with smaller wheels.


Longboarders should choose the right truck. It allows the wheel to turn while the wheels stay attached. A car closest to the deck width is best for those who are just beginning Longboarding. These trucks will allow you to choose the right wheels and give you a smooth ride on uneven or flat surfaces.

A 150 mm truck will be required if your cruising deck is less than 8.5inches. For patios between 8.5 inches and 10.5 inches, you will likely need a 180mm track. RKP and soft bushing are best for easy maneuverability and carving.


Bearings are vital if you want to maintain your movement without constantly pressing down. It is beneficial when you’re riding your longboard across icy roads. ABEC rating indicates the bearing or capability. The ratings are based on odd numbers and range from 1-9. Higher ratings indicate greater tolerances.

Price List

The price range varies depending on the materials.

Not Assembled

You component each component separately. You’re a skilled builder and want to create your longboard. This kind of longboard can be pretty expensive.

Readymade and fully assembled

Pre-assembled boards or premade longboards are better for novices. Boards that have been pre-assembled can save both time and money. Look at the various models, sizes, and styles available on the marketplace before making a final decision.

Why do people buy Longboard from the Memorial day sale?

First, consider the following: skill level and price range when looking to buy a new board. If you’re beginning Longboarding and not sure if it’s for you, don’t spend too much money as these items cost money.

But do try to grab the opportunity of the Memorial day deal. In these deals every shop owner huge discount in every item of their shop. You can get your desired one at a reasonable price and in the meantime save some money too. 

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