Best Memorial Day Metal Detector Deals & Sales 2022

Memorial Day Metal Detector Deals

A metal detector is a convenient device that can detect various types of metals. It can trace coins, jewelry, relics, and many other metals from the land, underwater or underground. So, this electronic device is helpful to find the metal accessories that you lost.

BLACK FRIDAY METAL DETECTOR DEALS 2021There are various metal detectors in the market that produce different features too. But you can not buy one of them if you do not know about product details. Moreover, you can buy a high-featured device with some discount offers.

Here, in the article, Best Memorial Day Metal Detector Deals 2022, we will serve as the proper guide.


Bounty Hunter Deals

The Pacific Northwest Instruments started their journey in the USA under the brand name Bounty Hunter. They have manufactured metal detectors since the 1970s and became the leader in marketer in the early 90s. They produce quality design, functions, and compatible products that achieve reliability for many decades.

At present, this Bounty Hunter is serving their product all over the world. They are popular due to their user-friendly, durability, and capacity. You will find varieties of this product with price and functions. Here, we will introduce a few high-rated models of the Bounty Hunter below:

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Sale

[amazon box=”B000EQHNW8″]

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV is best for both adults and kids. This device can detect coins, keys, golds, rings, and other metal accessories in your home. The device is available at a reasonable price. It is very easy to use too.

The TK4 detector is ideal for deep ground detections. The device has two tones audio mode, and the presets are available for ground mode. It can work in salty water too. That means, it can detect the metal underwater and take less time to identify your lost accessories.

Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300

[amazon box=”B00123OUMI”]

The multifunctional 3300 is a handy device to find various metal accessories. This device is a deep seeker on the ground and water.

The water-resistant can work under the sea and salty water. The device is also weather resistant.

This Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 will provide you with 5-mode options. The four types of audio tone and eleven type segments for identification include a nice feature. The construction material of this device is hard to provide a long durability. So, this is an ideal detector for accurate and specific accessories detection.

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Offer

[amazon box=”B00KBNWPJ0″]

No other detector is as good as the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro. It can find metal things underwater and on land. This device can make a specific target with a high-power program. It also has the one-button target option and preset options for beginners.

The Land Ranger Pro includes an 11-inch high-powered coil that is water-resistant. The weight of this device is just about 2.4 pounds. You can adjust the length of this device as per your needs.

Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver

[amazon box=”B0002JZMXY”]

You want to use a detector, but you can not afford to buy it. Then, find this Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver to fulfill your hobby. You will get this device at an affordable price and with quality performance.

You will not find a strong indication in the low-budgeted detectors. But, this QSI will give you the highest visual targeting identification with little cost. It includes four segments of digital targeting and three-tone audio identification capacity. The ground balancing preset of this device is also handy for beginners.

Garrett Offers

The company, Garrett, was founded in early 1964 to provide users with a handy metal detector. The company is well-known for the manufacturing of quality goods. Though the value of the Garrett products is low, they are durable for a long time.

The products of the brand, Garrett are not only durable but also strong in detection. So, you may say that the brand is a perfect choice for beginners. Here, we will show you some different types of Garrett Detectors below:

Garrett ACE 300

[amazon box=”B01M1926ES”]

Easy operations and high-detection quality of the Garrett ACE 300 make it an excellent device. The device is also able to provide information to the users. The power of the coil and the quick searching capacity is also the essential feature of this device.

The use of digital targeting ID in ACE 300 is so powerful to identify the lost accessories. You can adjust the identification frequency level to find different types of things. You can change the search mode for jewelry, coins, relics separately. The three types of audio modes of this device help to adjust the detection sound too.

Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT

[amazon box=”B00TADH9HA”]

The Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT  is a small and orange-colored device. This is visible underwater and can detect treasure up to 10 feet. Though this device is small in size, it is fast for searching for lost things within a quick time.

You will find a single and simple switch to use on this Garrett 1140900. The device is turned off automatically after 60 minutes to save power. It provides an automatic alert after every 5 minutes when it can not find any targets. This torch-like small detector is very popular for easy carrying too.

Garrett AT MAX Waterproof

[amazon box=”B07GT9GH14″]

The Garrett AT MAX is an exceptional device that adds a headphone to get the right detection sound. This detector not only works underwater but also works on land. Moreover, it has been designed for deep searching with a high power coil capacity.

The Garrett AT MAX is capable of working up to 10 feet underwater or ground. It can detect the target in a few minutes and use target depth ID to identify the lost things. This is a wireless and lightweight device. The LED screen uses a backlight to make the information visible underwater.


If metal detecting is a new hobby for you, then choose an RM RICOMAX. This product is very simple to use and light in weight. The RM RICOMAX is not only lightweight but also powerful.

You can find the lost jewelry under the water with the RM RICOMAX. On the other hand, you can detect metal, relic, or gold under the ground. Thus, the low-budgeted and lightweight detector is the perfect choice for the kids too.

RM RICOMAX Professional GC-1037

The RM RICOMAX Professional GC-1037 is a serious device to trace the treasures. This device includes all the essential things that you need. The high-quality water-resistant coil is capable of searching for almost all types of metals. It can identify coins, jewelry, rings, gold, keys, and many more things.

The LCD screen of GC-1037 is larger than other metal detectors. You can see the information on this screen from a distance too. The maintenance process of this device is easy, and the equipment replacement cost is also low.

RM RICOMAX for Adults & Kids Sale

RM RICOMAX is not easy to use for adults but also kids. So, it is a handy device for beginners and professionals too. It can detect almost every kind of thing, such as gold, aluminum, steel, copper, and so on.

This RM RICOMAX for Adults & Kids. provide a familiar controller. You can use your headphones and listen to the identification sound from the remote place. The device can identify the pinpointed things, and it is a quick finder. The coil of this device is built to use in the water. You will get a replacement warranty with this product too.

Consider Before Buying a Metal Detector from Memorial Day

Where do you want to use a metal detector?

Before buying a detector, first, think about where you will use it for. If you are a Tracer Hunter, choose one that has many operation modes. You should buy one with a sense of place. Different types of detectors have different characteristics. For example, you want to go to a mountain to explore. Then you have to take a lightweight one with a good quality battery.

Consider the coil size

When you go to buy a metal detector, see if it is the right size. If you take small coils for a high trash area, then small coils are best for you.  But these coils fail to find the objects lying under the ground. For these, you need a large coil. The size of the coil depends on which area you want to search.

Check out the detection level

The purpose of buying a metal detector is to detect deeply. So before you buy, check how deep it can detect.  If you choose an entry-level detector. It will detect objects that are not too deep. Again, professionals are capable of detecting deep objects.  You can decide now which is suitable for you.

Pinpointer mode

If you want to find a small treasure, you need a detector with a pinpointer. Because not all detectors have pinpointers. Many people buy detectors with pinpointers as a hobby. Pinpointer mode saves you time. And proves your detector works perfectly.

Are Metal Detectors worth buying from Memorial Day Deals?

You already understand that detectors are different in type. Some can run under the water. These types are available with water-resistant features. You may find another one that is capable of identifying the metal under the ground. And, the last type of detector has been used to find metals on land.

So, investing in purchasing one is a large investment. Depending on the functions, it can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to buy. Thus, to buy a metal detector, you want to know all about the device including discounts and offers.

On the Memorial Day deals, you will find multiple attractive discounts offered on the products. The sellers also encourage people to get products from them during Memorial Day sales.

In a word, we will like to tell you that buying a detector during the Memorial Day sale is a worthy decision. So, wait for a few days to buy a quality one within a reasonable budget. The upcoming deal will bring you the right device that you are waiting for!

How deep do most metal detectors go?

Metal detectors are typically calibrated to detect metal at different levels of depth. The most common ranges are 5-7″/12-18cm for recreational purposes, and up to 13″/33cm for commercial purposes.

A variety of factors affect the depth of detection by a detector including the type or orientation of metal in question, soil conductivity, mineralization level in soil, etc. Given these variables, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact measurement.

However, this difference virtually cuts out any chance someone would find lost items beneath 7 inches deep – which is why most people utilize search methods other than detectors when searching for something buried farther than 12 inches (30 centimeters).

Can a cheap metal detector find gold?

Yes. Gold is simply metal and although it has an unusually high density, it contains gold atoms in the same proportion as the other metals in your detector so yes, you can detect gold with a cheap detector!

Can you find diamonds with a metal detector?


Diamonds are often found in the alluvial deposits, or on river beds. The stronger electromagnetic signal generated by detectors can penetrate through the top layer of soil to locate the diamond deep below the surface. The best time to find diamonds is during spring runoff when they can get washed downstream and have a higher volume of flowing water around them.


Finally, we want to summarise that metal detectors are useful devices. Many people use this device to find their lost and valuable metals. On the other hand, few people like to have a detector for detecting as a hobby to search for lost things underwater. Moreover, it is also a handy product for security personnel.

So, the purpose of using depends on your needs. Here, we have presented you with varieties too. Thus, they are various to use on the land, underwater, and underground. We expect the Best Memorial Day Metal Detector Deals 2022 to deliver the right guide for you.