Best Memorial Day Microphone Deals & Sales 2022


MEMORIAL DAY MICROPHONE DEALS 2022Whether you’re a musician, podcaster, gamer, or just need to record some audio for your YouTube channel, the best Memorial Day Microphone deals are here!

Whether you’re looking for a USB mic or an XLR mic from brands like Audio-Technica and Shure check out these great deals.

Best Memorial Day Microphone Deals for Podcast & Toutubers

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Best Memorial Day Microphone Deals for Gaming

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Best Vocal Microphone Deals

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Things to consider when buying a microphone


Microphones catch the sound waves’ energy and transform it into electrical energy in a variety of ways. Condenser or dynamic microphones are the two most common ways to do this task, and both are equally effective.

That all mics are made differently would be an understatement. Varied types of microphones have varying technologies, which can result in widely divergent audio recording qualities, thus understanding what each type of microphone offers is crucial when deciding on the best one.


Microphones are divided into four types: omnidirectional, unidirectional, bidirectional, and highly directional.

If you want to capture the ambiance of an event, Omnidirectional microphones are ideal.  Uni-directional microphones gather up sound from only one direction, making them ideal for interviews in noisy circumstances.

Bi-directional or figure-8 microphones gather up sound from both the front and the back. They’re frequently used for stereo recording setup.

Highly directional or Shotgun microphones gather up sound from a long distance and at a very tight angle. They are used by filmmakers because they can be placed out of shot.


The frequency response of a microphone is essentially the range of frequencies that it can detect, which is typically 20hz to 20Khz. Knowing the range alone will not help you much; what you actually need to know is how sensitive the mic is to specific frequencies. Before selecting a microphone, consider what you will be recording.

Level of Sound Pressure

This is often given in decibels (DBS) and represents the maximum volume that the microphone can withstand without distortion.

Switch for Attenuation

An attenuation switch on a microphone suppresses the output level by a specific amount, typically -10dB or -20dB. As a result, the microphone becomes four to sixteen times quieter than usual.


The receptiveness of a microphone to AC current or an audio stream is measured in ohms. When using cables longer than around 16 feet, low impedance microphones perform better at keeping audio quality. A high impedance is frequently an indication that the microphone’s other components are of inferior quality.

why do people buy microphone from Memorial Day deals?

People buy microphones from Memorial Day deals because they are one of the items that can be bought on super sale to replace outdated or missing devices.

Can I record a podcast without a microphone?

Yes, but the sound quality will be too low.

If your podcast is short, it’s possible to simply turn up the volume of your computer or iTunes and use it to record. You can also use a handheld recorder, which records directly onto an SD card or even an iPhone if you connect a microphone (such as this).

The quality isn’t as good as with a good-quality microphone like this one, but the sound levels will be accurate!

Another option is recording on your phone and playing it back through speakers; for this method make sure you have some sort of speaker with Bluetooth technology so that you can play your piece out loud without holding onto the phone or mic at all times.


We hope that you find our post helpful in finding the best Memorial Day microphone deals for your needs. If not, we want to help so please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!

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