Best Memorial Day Table Saw Deals & Sales 2022

Memorial Day Table Saw deals

BLACK FRIDAY TABLE SAW DEALS 2021What’s the best table saw for your money? This article will be covering all of the Memorial Day tables saw deals & sales in 2021, so you’ll know which are worth buying. We’ve included all of our favorite manufacturers and models to help make this decision easier. If you’re saving up for a major purchase like this, read on!


Worx WX572L 5.5 Amp BladeRunner Portable Electric Table Top Saw
  • [GREAT AT CROSS & RIP CUTS] The steel rip fence and riving knife system lets you perform an assortment of straighter, longer, wider cuts
  • [TRULY PORTABLE TABLE SAW] Weighing in at less than 15 lbs., you easily can move it around your workshop or even take it to the job site
DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite, Compact, 8-1/4-Inch (DWE7485)
  • Portability: Compact size for ease of transportation and storage
  • Easy adjustments: Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails make fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate
SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inch Table Saw with Stand- TS6307-00
  • RACK AND PINION FENCE RAILS – Ensures fence stays parallel to blade for fast smooth, and accurate cuts
  • INTEGRATED FOLDING STAND – Legs quickly fold in to provide portability and convenient storage
Skil SAW SPT99T-01 8-1/4 Inch Portable Worm Drive Table Saw
  • Legendary worm drive gearing offers maximum torque for ripping applications
  • Precision rack and pinion system makes fence adjustments quickly and smoothly for accurate cuts
BOSCH 10 In. Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand 4100XC-10
  • Powerful table saw has 15-Amp saw with 4.0 max HP and 3,650 rpm, for rip-cutting and cross cutting of fine and rough materials
  • Dimensions: 32.5″ D x 27″ L x 13″ H, Product weight: 94 lb
INTRADIN M1H-ZP3-254 2701S042 10″ Table Saw/Stand
  • Powerful 15A motor
  • Features a 10” blade
Rockwell RK7323 BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw with Steel Rip Fence, Miter Gauge & 7 Accessories
  • [SETS UP IN SECONDS] Take this table saw to the job site or move it around the workshop. There’s even a built-in carry handle
  • [CUTS LIKE A FULL-SIZE] With the standard guard and riving knife system you can perform rip, cross, scroll, and miter cuts

Things to consider before buying a table saw from Memorial Day deals


There are three significant categories.

Cabinet Saws

Cabinet saws often have a heavy table made of cast iron and smoothed to a very smooth finish.

Contractor’s Saws

This type of saw is portable, and construction contractors use it to cut on the job site. That makes the saw lighter than a standard cabinet saw. Both the motor and blade are belt-driven.

Hybrid saws

The hybrid saw combine both the cabinet’s and contractor’s saws.

Extension Tables

They might not include extension tables in every purchase of a new saw. It is worth checking to make sure the saw you are comparing has an extension table slot.

Motor Power

The power of the table saw increases as you move from a benchtop model to a cabinet model. It is easier if you manage it on the site. You would need a 15-amp motor for any job and 120V AC power.

Drive Type

A direct-drive motor powers a majority of table saws. In the larger cabinet saws, you will find belt drives. To ensure smooth operation, make sure your saw has the correct type of drive.


The only thing that matters is the blade. Whatever feature you want in a table saw blade, it must be flawless. If you want a saw that works perfectly then you have to look for a quality blade.

Rip & Outfeed Capability

Check the rip capability before buying a saw. The capacity should be 24″. This is because the saw is twice as wide as the sheet material. Some saws are capable of ripping up to 35″. Table saws of greater capacity offer more power.

Dust Collection

Table saws create a lot of dust. A dust collection system is useful to keep its motor cooler and the gears cleaner. Almost all saws have a 4-inch dust collection port on the backside of the cabinet.

You should keep dust collection at the forefront of your decision when choosing which type of saw to use. You’ll want to find a saw with a dust collection. That will allow you to reduce the amount of airborne dust and also keep your shop floor cleaner.

Safety Stop

A saw stop is an essential feature that reduces the risk of serious injuries. This function detects human skin and sends an electrical signal to stop the machine. It takes less than five milliseconds.

Electrical Considerations

It comes with two types of plug, either 110v or 220v. A converter is not safe for use with it. When buying a saw make sure to buy the correct plug system.

Why do people buy table saws from the Memorial Day deals?

The table saw is the vital tool that most woodshops revolve around. So buying one that doesn’t work your needs is a waste of time and your money and productivity.

Remember that the most important factor to consider when purchasing a saw is to know what it will be used for and what specifications are required to complete those jobs.

The table saw is an expensive tool. Memorial Day happens to make your dreams come true because in this deal you will get the expensive tools at a reasonable price. Which will help to get your desired one.