How to Cool a Tent without Electricity: Some Effective Techniques


A tent is a great place to be when the weather outside is cool. But if it’s too hot, or you’re in a remote location with no electricity, things can get uncomfortable. Here are some ways to cool down your tent without using any electric appliances!

Why does a tent get hot during camping?

Firstly let me tell you why a camping tent gets hot on your camping. Then we will learn the techniques or steps to cool down your tent. A camping tent can get too hot based on three mistakes. If you do any one of them by mistake, then it will leave your tent too hot.

If you set up your tent in an open place without any shade, that will be the number one mistake. That will absorb the sun’s heat and make it too hot to stay in. However, if you are setting up your tent too early in the day, then it is, of course, your second mistake. It will leave your tent overheated.

The last reason that can make your tent overheated is the lack of a good ventilation system in your tent. Every tent is a reflection of a mini green-house. It will absorb the sun’s heat as well as carbon dioxide in it. However, that will make your tent overheated to live in it.

How to cool a tent without electricity: Some Effective Techniques

Now you know the reasons that are responsible for overheating your tent. Here now, I will discuss some useful techniques that you can follow to cool your camping tent. So let’s dive into the methods to learn everything about them.

  • Get ready for camping

The first step is to get ready for camping. List the necessary items and pack them one by one for your camping. You can go by yourself or schedule a suitable date for camping with your fellow friends. However, take your tent, space blankets, mini-fan, and other necessary items in your camping package. So, get ready for a

  • Choose a shaded place to set up your tent

Always choose a shaded area to set up your tent. In that case, a place with surrounded trees can be the best choice for you. Choose a natural shady place that will stay shaded almost all day long. With a shaded tent, you will get a cooler tent than the one in the direct sunlight.

Choose a well-shaded place that will not turn into an oven for the sun’s movement across the sky. There is another point that you should take care of is letting your tent breathe. Let the carbon dioxide and water vapor out by the okay ventilation system.

Find a shaded area close to a lake, river, or pond for setting up your tent. Even a small breeze will help you to get a nice cooling effect. That will be a great help on a humid summer day.

How to stay warm in your tent

  • Set up your tent in the evening

Unlike the tent set-up preparation in autumn or winter, you need to set up It after the sun goes down in summer. We all love to set up our camping tent as soon as we reach our desired camping destination. However, by setting up early on a humid day, you let it get overheated easily.

Wait for the sun to goes down, and then set up your tent for the night. It will provide you a much more relaxed environment than the tent set up in the morning or afternoon. It will enable you to make sure of a comfortable inner environment for sleeping inside.

  • Cover your tent with space blankets or thermals

In case you are setting up your tent on the beach, then It will get overheated, and that is normal. You can follow this trick to keep your tent relatively cooler. However, you can use thermals or space blankets to cover up during the day. That will prevent your tent from getting overheated.

The thermal insulation process is used for winter camping, while the space blanket is for summer camping. A space blanket reflects the temperature that keeps your tent cooler than the usual one. However, you can use two blankets for your smaller one, while you will need three or four for the massive tent.

Always use heavy-duty space blankets rather than thin blankets. Otherwise, it will tire up for the heavy wind.

  • Make sure proper air passes

Proper ventilation is a must for a comfortable camping experience. We produce water vapor as well as carbon dioxide, as I discussed earlier through our breathing. An enclosed tent full of water vapor and carbon dioxide is not an expected environment for happy camping.

Make sure you have a proper air pass system or well ventilation. A well-ventilated tent offers a soothing environment for the tent dwellers in hot weather. However, choose your camping tent that comes with a good ventilation system to stay comfortable at night.

  • Take a battery-operated fan

The last tip is to carry a mini portable battery-operated fan. That will provide a soothing breeze to cool your overheated tent. A battery-operated mini fan can produce enough cooling air that will keep your tent cooler for a certain time. So, take one with you for your summer day camping trip.


We discussed all the possible ways that can help you to cool your tent on a humid day. Our article on how to cool a tent without electricity: some effective techniques provide all possible ways to help you. If you follow these techniques, then it will enable you to cool in natural ways.

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